Blog, tweet tweet… Blog. Tweet.tweet.tweet.tweet…

First topic up is going to cover some of my history with blogging and social media; as well as some initial impressions of the WordPress suite and Twitter. Definitely a great intro post to give people a feel for my style and opinions.

I guess I could say the world of social media came into my life with the advent of Myspace. I used blogging within this medium through most of my time in high school, usually as an outlet for relationship issues, personal exploration, etc. Reflecting back… that might not have been the best idea, but honestly what’s done is done. No regrets right?

Just a side note, but I wholeheartedly believe that there were two reasons Myspace came crashing down:

-The obvious enormity of Facebook, but also

-The enormous changes they made in customization eventually brought on a user lead decrease in usability and accessibility.

Where I currently stand is much more involved, and extremely exciting on a personal level. As an EMAC major I’ll be specializing in social media marketing, user data collection and analysis, Search Engine Optimization, PPC Advertising (among others), etc. I’m a total nerd… I know.

As far as my initial reactions go, I’m honestly in love with WordPress as a whole. I’m surprised that I hadn’t gotten involved sooner! Every time I heard friends talking about owning websites that they controlled with WordPress, for some reason I was picturing something MUCH more complicated and only for the highly experienced. Strictly from a UI experience WordPress dashboard design is amazing. It’s simple to understand and extremely easy to navigate!

Twitter I’ve actually been using for a while now, and tweetdeck is my platform of choice to keep this updated. It’s fun, addicting, and I think the reason it’s become so popular so fast is due to it’s simplicity and focused nature. It’s not full of fluff or complexity, it’s just socializing… in it’s most simple form. I’ll post another blog at some point with all of my twitter accounts and everyone reading should totally follow and tweet me. I’ll follow you too and we can all stay connected and experience this together!

Thanks for visiting! Let’s keep in touch and melt faces with these blogs and tweets!


One response to “Blog, tweet tweet… Blog. Tweet.tweet.tweet.tweet…

  1. I think we all used Myspace as a sort of therapist; whenever we needed to rant on, we just posted it up as our mood or in a bulletin. I interested in what you have to say because you seem real opinionated and have a definite voice, even though text. I

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