Filters everywhere!

So this week we’ve been talking about filters in internet media. Funny thing is, filters really have become a part of our lives so regularly that we don’t even notice it anymore.

Our experiment was to take a 24 hour period and specifically focus on finding filters which we came in contact with. The two main ones I want to focus on are Google and Hotmail target filters. I’m calling them target filters because that’s essentially what they are, filters which allow advertisements to target specific ages, genders, etc. of viewers.

Google is a little different, but it’s still interesting to see where they have come even over the past few years. First I remember the active search bar; basically an autofill feature which shows you popular search terms used to help speed the search process up, as well as assist you in finding the information you’re looking for that you might not know how to ‘phrase’ properly. It’s quite efficient I would say.

What I noticed over the portion of our experiment though is an evolved form which is being used today, which not only helps autofill but brings up your history of searches, and targets the autofill choices towards your search history. It’s all about speed and targeting, making those two elements work hand in hand is revolutionizing the way media is displayed and delivered these days.

Now with hotmail, I almost raise an eyebrow at what I noticed there. I recently bought a car, and there were obviously emails depicting offers on vehicles and talks of insurance quotes. What I noticed was that the ads being displayed IN my inbox, were targeted towards this! Almost invasive I might say…

These filters are everywhere, and it’s slightly unnerving at times. I’m interested to see how far this is going to go before more lawsuits come about, and legislature takes action.


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