Google can not, and will not be denied.

Strikingly similar to Midas in Greek mythology, everything Google touches turns to gold. If I’m correct, I believe even Midas learned his ‘touch of gold’ from some search poised on Google. This sounds like I’m joking, but even recently just as Google+ was hitting it mainstream, Facebook mysteriously ran into some reliability issues which angered a large amount of it’s users. Next thing I knew, there were people on my Facebook changing their profile pics to say, “Moved to Google+” or “Find Me on Google+”. I’m thoroughly convinced that it’s all a conspiracy. Either that or Google is run by the Illuminati… or both.

We have to realize that Google is a company just like any other. They are going to do what’s best for them and try to push the limits every chance they get. If they’re not moving fast and breaking ‘stuff’ then they aren’t trying hard enough. What I mean by that is, if they aren’t pissing someone off then they really aren’t operating at their fullest potential. On the flip side of this situation, I’ll be honest and say that I believe the corporate exec.s are somewhat sliding into the dark side of greed. As a search engine they have to maintain certain values as their top priority and honestly I believe their losing sight of this. I understand they have to push constantly towards being more successful, but at what point do we say enough is enough? They are using the power and leverage they have all over the world, and putting a price tag on it. “We have some of the most sophisticated web crawlers out there, we’re constantly improving our search result relevancy and working to deliver the best content possible to our users. But of course, if you want to be more ‘relevant’ in our searches you could always just pay 5 easy payments of $100,000 and we can fix that for you.” As consumers of the information age, we MUST understand that these things go on all around us. Taking things for face-value these days is exactly what they want you to do. Keep this in mind and RESIST!

Something needs to be done, I will admit. I’m not sure exactly how we should handle it but I will say that in the past, a few successful lawsuits seem to have fixed things. If they are advertising themselves as being unbiased but turning around and selling out, then am I the only person who thinks they might want to start preping for the big payout?


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