Valid Evaluations

The past few subjects in class have been centered around source evaluation, so I wanted to elaborate a little more on that. When the subject was first brought up I’ll honestly say that I gave myself a little too much credit. My initial thoughts were that this was simple, if it looks and feels legitimate then it must be. What I have found though is that this evaluation process can go much deeper and yield much more accurate results if you allow yourself the effort to do so.

On the surface, information may seem believable and may be presented professionally; but no matter how great you think you may be at determining validity, there will always be someone else out there skilled enough to manipulate your opinions if they are driven strongly enough to do so. Going even deeper, certain authors and mediums of presentation can seem sound but we have to learn to break away from even these outward areas of deception.

What I’m glad to have taken from this whole subject is this:

Dig deep. When you think you’ve dug deep enough, dig deeper. Find out who and what is presenting this information, who is affiliated with (sponsoring) this content? All of these things are extremely important, and if you go deep enough you’ll gain the bigger picture that’s absolutely necessary to make our determinations on validity … well, valid.


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