New realizations on tagging

Discussions in class this past week turned towards user-based tagging and Folksonomies in the online world. When we first started the intro to these conversations I have to admit, my biased opinion was harsh. Right off the bat I wanted to dismiss the subject for some reason; my guess is because I have never really paid enough attention to their uses in blogs, social networks, websites, etc.

I’m now realizing that these tags and classifications all over the internet are exactly why I end up enjoying or not enjoying a website. If I search for something on the web and I’m not able to navigate a website easily, the subconscious determination is made to get what I came for and move on as fast as possible. On top of that note, if I believe I can find the information elsewhere instead, then I probably won’t even stay for whatever reason I came.

My point is this: A blog or successful website is just like any business out there. People come for a reason; even when people are just browsing they are looking to be entertained or intrigued. If they cannot get past the navigation of your blog or website then the content becomes that much more degraded. I say degraded specifically because, it doesn’t become irrelevant it just takes a backseat to the difficulty which the user is experiencing. By causing the user some irritation, you’re effectively forcing your content to have to be THAT much more interesting in order to shine through the irritation.

My resolutions are simple. With both my class blog and group blog, I am going to take a fresh look at user-friendliness and organization. Not only will it make my reader’s much happier, but in the long run it’s going to allow my content to shine through that much brighter. I’m here to attract viewers (users stated before), anything I can do to allow a pleasant experience on their part will ensure they are willing to come back.


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