Location Sharing is Where I Draw the Line

I can understand sharing our little status updates, tweets, or even High School we graduated from; but my current location? That is where I draw the line. I’ve shared the city I live in and most people can see the college I’m attending, as I’m writing this I’m questioning whether I should pull all of that info down to be honest. But as for my specific location at any given point or time, that’s not going to happen.

My experiences with location sharing put reality square in my lap. My recent partner at one point even unlocked my phone and set up an app which shared where I was at any given time. I had nothing to hide, but because of my partner’s infidelities I was constantly hounded out of fear that I was going to do the things that had been done to me.

On top of that, recently that same ex sent me a random text saying, “I saw the Halloween lights you put up, I really like them.” I knew this was just a ploy to scare me, and yes I’m aware anyone reading this is most likely staring at the screen, mouth agape thinking, “Why the HECK have you not filed a  protection order?!?” Trust me, there’s nothing to worry about, they’re all just mind games.

My issue is that if I want someone to know where I am, then I’ll tell them myself. I will call them or text them personally. There is absolutely NO reason for me to post it to some online app or some social networking site so everyone and their mother can see it. Next thing you know, I’ll have an ex stalking me at a restaurant, followed by a text saying, “How’s that burger? Looks nice. I thought you didn’t like lettuce on your burgers?”

Now THAT would be creepy. Maybe I need to get my concealed handgun license…?

Honestly, I think as of right now I’ve decided that I will get one. This subject just bothers me too much.


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